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Dermasculpt Training VideoStep-by-Step Training Video.

Dermasculpt Training Video Step-by-Step Training Video.

Our comprehensive DVD on the Microcannula technique (for beginners): 40 mins, 14 chapters, 9 region-specific indications.

40 mins, 14 chapters, 9 region-specific indications.

1- Introduction
2- Before Treatment
3- Basic Steps
4- Post Injection Care
5- Tear Troughs
6- Nasolabial Folds & Midface
7- Marionette Lines
8- Lips
9- Temples
10- Hands
11- Neck & Decollete
12- Nose
13- Jaw Reshapping
14- Testimonial & Conclusions

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8 Reviews

  • Reviewed by Thomas Verified
    Better when watched a second time
    My summary says it all, I did find some useful tips when seeing the video for the second time. Definitely worth having in your training library.
  • Reviewed by charles Verified
    Very Basic
    I really did not care to watch the doctor speak the whole time. I was looking for more useful tips, which are not found in this video. You are better off watching YouTube videos. The catheters themselves that are sold on here are also over priced. I found ones online that were just as good for half the price.
  • Reviewed by LJ Verified
    Great Trainong DVD
    The DVD training video was great! In-depth, great explanations about the proceedure as well as why each step was to be taken. I would recommend this to all health care providers looking to add this to their parctice,
  • Reviewed by Thomas Ellis Verified
    Basic but good
    I bought this DVD hoping to learn some new tricks using blunt tip cannulas. I have been using them for several years with good success but one must always want to better one's skills. I was hoping for more patient assessments, treatments, and before and after photos. This DVD is more about the mechanics of inserting the cannula and getting it to go where you want it to go. It's a nicely made video and Dr. Karimi does a good job of narrating it but again it's quite basic.
  • Reviewed by MD Susana Segura Verified
    Loved the DVD
    I liked the fact that it recommends the different cannula sizes according to the procedure. I would have liked to see the procedure for the neck fillers explained...
  • Reviewed by Susana Verified
    DVD didn't work! And still waiting for the one that does.
    the training DVD i bought from you people never worked, spoke a couple of times with you guys without much luck. so still no Training DVD to watch. email me if you still will want to send me one that works or refund my money. thank you
  • Reviewed by MD Susana Segura Verified
    Loved the DVD
    Very nice review,I liked the fact that it recommends the sizes used for each procedure...I would have liked to see the fillers for neck explained in the DVD.
  • Reviewed by Ernesto D. Verified
    Best canulas and Service in the market